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Dear Affiliate,

Greetings from Edenred!

Thank you for your association with Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers.
We are pleased to inform you that it’s that time of the year when we would like to introduce you to our new Ticket Restaurant® meal voucher design for the year 2017. Starting 1st of July 2016, customers will be presenting these new vouchers having validity until 31st December 2017 at your establishment. Meanwhile some of them may also continue to use the existing vouchers with validity ending 31st December 2016 so please do ensure you accept the same.

We have built in security features into these vouchers to ensure safety and convenience for you. Do share these features with the key people in your establishment so that they continue to remain familiar with our Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers. 
You can see a snapshot of all the security features herein.
ticket restaurant
In addition we would like to share the following:
Voucher handling instructions:

  • Edenred (India) Private Limited issues maximum denomination value of Rs.50/- for Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers
  • Do not fold, staple, or cancel/stamp on the bar code. This could lead to delays in the processing of your payment
  • Match the signature of the users on the reverse of the Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers with the signature on the back cover of the Ticket Restaurant® Meal Voucher booklet, before accepting the Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers from the users
  • Please accept Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers as payment for, ‘Food or Non-Alcoholic beverages’ only
  • Do not forget to preserve the counterfoil at the right hand side of the vouchers. Please tear along the cut marks without damaging the barcode and preserve the counterfoil before sending the vouchers for reimbursement. This will guarantee exact payment reconciliation at your end
  • Keep the envelopes ready on or before the redemption dates. This will ensure timely pickups
  • Please make sure you cancel all vouchers before sending them to us for payment with the cancel stamp and affiliate code provided to you

Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers 2016:

  • The current Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers are valid till 31st December 2016 and you should continue to accept these from your customers till the validity date
  • The current Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers MUST be redeemed for payment not later than the first redemption cycle of February 2017

Over 3,500 organizations in India rely on Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers as an employee benefit solution for their employees who are conveniently using them at a number of affiliate establishments like yours.
We assure you of our best services as always and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship in the years to come.

We have also launched Ticket Restaurant® meal card since 2014 and many affiliates like you are enjoying the benefits of our digital meal card, please get in touch with E-Assist in case you have still not signed up for the same.
Have you done your KYC (Know Your Customer) yet? You are required to send us the duly filled KYC form along with the documents mentioned on the KYC form. Convert to NEFT payment mode for faster payment.
For any assistance on above procedure, please get in touch with us on E-Assist contact details mentioned below.
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Best Regards,

Subin Kumar
Head – Marketing Solutions & Channels
Edenred – India