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Who we are?

Edenred India is the International Leaders & India’s Foremost in Work - Life Benefits, Rewards and Loyalty Solutions.

Edenred, the European global leader in corporate services, operates in nearly 40 countries with 6000 employees.

It offers to its individual and corporate clients over 540 years of expertise in products in employee and public benefits, rewards and loyalty and expense management.


What we do?

Our products/service offerings range from:

  • Employee & Public Benefits - Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers & Cards, Ticket ®Service Public Social Programs and Ticket Medica® Health & Wellness Vouchers
  • Rewards & Loyalty Solutions – Ticket Compliments® Gift Vouchers and Accentiv'® - India's No.1 Rewards and Loyalty Solutions Provider.

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What are Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers and Ticket Compliments® Gift Vouchers?

  • Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers: Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers from Edenred are food coupons provide by organisations to their employees to have a meal at their convenience. These vouchers are given by law as a social benefit and hence exempted from paying tax. These meal vouchers can be used to purchase food and beverages from the shops in the premium Edenred India Affiliate Network (EIAN).

  • Ticket Compliments® Gift Vouchers: Ticket Compliments® Gift Vouchers from Edenred are an ideal gifting option for employers and the perfect gift for it recipients. These vouchers can be redeemed at over 14,000+ outlets, 2000+ cities, towns and locations in India, empowering the users with ample choice. These vouchers can be used to purchase everything from daily essentials to consumer durables, jewellery, etc., from shops in the premium Edenred India Affiliate Network (EIAN).

Are Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers & Ticket Compliments® Gift Vouchers a mode of payment?

Yes, they are equivalent to payment in cash.

How are Ticket Restaurant® & Ticket Compliments® vouchers different from a credit / debit card?

Ticket Restaurant® & Ticket Compliments® vouchers are not same as credit cards because:

  • Credit / debit cards do not help the employee save income tax

  • Credit / debit cards do not help shops to develop loyalty with their customers

  • Since Edenred vouchers are accepted in a limited number of shops (as per user request) they help shops to build long-term relationships with their customers

  • In case of credit / debit cards the transaction is electronic in nature. Edenred vouchers on the other hand are used like currency notes (and often in combination with currency).

How does the Edenred voucher system work?

STEP 1:  An employer buys the vouchers from Edenred.

STEP 2: The employer provides these vouchers as part of salary / incentives / rewards to its employees.

STEP 3: Employees use these vouchers to purchase goods and services at affiliates (shops) in Edenred India Affiliate Network (EIAN).

STEP 4: Edenred India Affiliate Network members then get these vouchers reimbursed with Edenred to receive their payment.

The process is depicted in the figure below


How do I accept Ticket Restaurant® & / or Ticket Compliments® Vouchers against purchase of goods and services?

There are four simple steps to accept Ticket Restaurant® & / or Ticket Compliments®Vouchers:

  • Customers select the products and services he wishes to buy, and asks for the bill

  • He pays for the purchase with Ticket Restaurant® or Ticket Compliments® Vouchers or Vouchers in combination with cash

  • You accept the payment and cancel the Ticket Restaurant® or Ticket Compliments®Vouchers so as to render them unusable

  • You send Ticket Restaurant® & / or Ticket Compliments® Vouchers to Edenred to claim your payment.

When and how do I receive my payment?

Given below is the detailed reimbursement procedure:

  • Collect Ticket Restaurant® / Ticket Compliments® Vouchers after checking the security features from your customers against purchase made. Please note that Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers can only be honoured for ready to eat food & beverages

  • Stamp the vouchers on the front with the cancellation stamp along with Affiliate Establishment (AE) code provided by Edenred

  • Carefully count your Ticket Restaurant® / Ticket Compliments® Vouchers separately. Tie them with rubber band and pack them in the redemption envelope supplied to you and seal the envelope

  • Please fill up all mandatory fields (Affiliate code number, preparation date, voucher denomination, total number & value of vouchers along with the address stamp) on Voucher Redemption Form (VRF) and close in redemption envelope

  • Please keep sealed redemption envelope ready on or before redemption date

  • Submit your sealed redemption envelope to the nearest collection center/authorized pick up person and get acknowledgement on copy of VRF along with POP (Proof of Pick up) from the Courier Company.

Note: Before handover of redemption envelope make sure that you check identity card of pick up person. For your nearest collection center address, please call E -Assist

  • Please retain acknowledged copy of the voucher redemption form and POP of Courier Company for your reference

  • Please submit redemption envelopes on the redemption date to avoid delay in reimbursement.

The payment is sent by cheque payable at par in your city.

What are reimbursement dates?

Reimbursement dates are the pre fixed dates of every month on which you send your Edenred vouchers to claim your payment. These dates are sent to you in the form of a Reimbursement Calendar. Given below is the reimbursement calendar for 2013.

For example, if you deposit your vouchers at a collection centre on or before the reimbursement date of January 14, 2011 your payment cheque will reach you on January 31, 2011 which is the next reimbursement date and the cycle continues like this.

Click Here to Download the Reimbursement Calendar 2013


How does the customer know where to spend vouchers?

Each voucher user of Edenred is supplied with an Edenred Affiliate Directory for that product (Ticket Restaurant® or Ticket Compliments®). Each member of EIAN is listed in this directory with its name, address, phone numbers and category of goods & services offered. The customers can also log on to Edenred website www.edenred.co.in for details on our network.

How does the customer identify Edenred network outlets?

Through a sticker which is displayed on front door of the outlet. These stickers are provided by Edenred India.


Is there a service charge payable and why?

Since Edenred manages and runs the whole system, Edenred levies a service charge on the shops in EIAN. This service charge is a small percentage of the value of vouchers used in a transaction.

How much is the service charge payable?

Please contact us for details on the Service Charge or click here. Our Network Relationship Executive will contact you with the required details.

What is my gain in this system?

As a member of EIAN you stand to gain substantially:

  • Increase in business since all Edenred vouchers can be used only at EIAN members

  • Opportunity to build relationships with and generate more business from the same user of Edenred voucher users. This additional business in all probability is not in form of vouchers

  • Publicity of your shop to Edenred users.

What are the formalities of becoming an EIAN member?

To become an EIAN member you have to fill an EIAN member Contract Form. Once the form is processed, you are given your unique Affiliate Code No. after which you can start accepting Edenred vouchers.

Is there a help line service available?

Yes. Edenred provides a dedicated in-house customer contact centre called E - Assist to help us serve you better.

How popular is this system?

More than 400,000 users from over 3500 top companies across India use our vouchers.

How many outlets in India are members of EIAN and are accepting these vouchers?

More than 29,000+ outlets across 3000+ cities, towns and locations in India accept Edenred vouchers and benefit from being a part of EIAN network.

Who are the customers for these vouchers?

More than 3500 top companies in India provide the advantage of Edenred vouchers to their employees and associates. Click here to view.