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These Terms and Conditions (“Detailed Terms and Conditions”) apply to and regulate the provisions of Meal Card(s) issued/distributed by YES BANK & Edenred (India) Pvt. Ltd.
i. “Affiliated Establishment” (hereinafter referred to as the “AE”) shall mean the establishment which will provide food and non - alcoholic beverages to the Cardholder’s against the acceptance of this Card.
ii. “Agreement” means the application made by the Corporate in EIPL prescribed contract form and General Terms and Conditions attached thereto and shall also be referred to any separate contract executed by the Corporate with EIPL for availing meal card services.
iii. The “Cardholder” means an employee of the Corporate to whom the Card is issued.
iv. “Corporate” shall mean the organization which has signed the Agreement with EIPL.
v. “EIPL” shall mean Edenred (India) Private Limited having its registered office at 2nd Floor, Camera House, Majiwade Village Road, Majiwade, Thane (West) – 400601 and its successors and permitted assigns. 
vi. “MasterCard” means a card scheme operating as payment network for pre-paid, debit and credit cards.
vii. “OTP” means One Time Password used for registering over MasterCard secure portal, which is mandatory to perform online/e-commerce transactions.
viii. “POS Terminal” means the Point Of Sale electronic terminals at Affiliated Establishment, capable of processing Card transactions.
ix. “Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card” or "Card" shall mean a pre-paid card issued/ distributed by YES BANK / Edenred (India) Pvt. Ltd.
x. The term "You” or “Your”, shall wherever the context so requires refers to the Cardholder and “We” and “Our” wherever the context so requires refers to YES BANK / EIPL.
xi. “YES BANK” shall mean YES BANK Ltd., company incorporated and registered under the Companies Act 1956 and a banking company within the meaning of section 5 (c) of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949, having its registered office at Nehru Centre, 9th Floor, Discovery of India, Dr. A B Road, Worli, Mumbai 400 018.
i. Card shall be issued/ distributed by YES BANK /EIPL at the request of the Corporate. Also, the Card may be cancelled at the request of the Corporate or at the discretion of YES BANK /EIPL, if the Corporate is unable or unwilling to meet its obligations under the terms of the Agreement signed with EIPL.
ii. The Cardholder and the Corporate shall be bound jointly & severally by these Detailed Terms & Conditions and to the policies that may be stipulated by YES BANK/ EIPL, from time to time, in this regard.
iii. The Card is not transferable under any circumstances.
iv. The Card shall be valid only till the date of expiry, as printed on the face of the Card and the Card cannot be used after such date of expiry. EIPL/YES BANK will intimate / caution the Cardholder about the validity period of the Card, at reasonable intervals, by SMS, email or by any other means as per the RBI Directions from time to time.
v. The Cardholder shall sign on the reverse of the Card immediately upon receipt of the same.
vi. Cardholder and Corporate agree that the issuance and usage of the Card is subject to rules and regulations introduced or amended from time to time by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) or any other regulatory body.
The Cardholder shall be deemed to have absolutely and unconditionally agreed to and accepted the Detailed Terms and Conditions by either of the following acts and such acceptance shall date back to the occurrence of any of the said acts/ events:
(i) by signing on the reverse of the Card, or (ii) by performing a transaction with the Card or (iii) after 10 days have elapsed since the Card was dispatched to the address on record of the Cardholder (iv)the Cardholder acquiring the possession of the Card by following the due process prescribed for the same.
i. The Card is a prepaid Card that can be used only in India after activation, for purchasing food and non-alcoholic beverages at Affiliated Establishments and cannot, under any circumstances, be exchanged for cash or be used for purchase of any other goods & services including another prepaid payment instrument.
ii. The Card is reloadable in nature and can be reloaded only upon request made by the Corporate.
iii. The Corporate is required to provide necessary KYC details of the Cardholder to YES BANK / EIPL as per Payment & Settlement System guidelines issued by RBI from time to time
iv. For the list of Affiliated Establishment, as a Cardholder you can visit our website www.edenred.co.in or send an SMS in the format Ticket <SPACE> Your Message to 56161 or contact us through our Contact Center E-Assist by calling 1860 210 9999 or download our mobile application “MyEdenred India” from our website to search our nearest Affiliated Establishment.
v. The Cardholder’s right to use the Card shall be terminated by YES BANK / EIPL forthwith in the event of: 
a. Loss or theft of the Card reported by the Cardholder.
b. An instruction from the Corporate to do the same.
c. At the discretion of YES BANK / EIPL if the Corporate is unable or unwilling to meet its obligations under the terms of the Agreement.
d. In the event YES BANK/EIPL is required to do so as per provisions of prevalent laws and /or guidelines and/or statutory requirements.
vii. The Cardholder and the Corporate shall act in good faith at all times and in accordance with these Detailed Terms and Conditions in relation to all dealings with the Card and YES BANK / EIPL.
viii. The Card cannot be used to make transactions that exceed the available balance. For such a transaction you need to pay the difference by another method, subject to the AE agreeing upon the same.
ix. The Cardholder shall accept full responsibility for any wrongful or fraudulent use of the Card and which is or may be in contravention of these Detailed Terms and Conditions and YES BANK and/or EIPL shall not held to be responsible for the same in any manner whatsoever. 
x. The Cardholder shall indemnify YES BANK and EIPL and make good any loss, damage, interest, or any other financial charge that YES BANK and/or EIPL may incur and/or suffer, whether directly or indirectly, as a result of the Cardholder committing violations of these Detailed Terms and Conditions and/or applicable laws.
xi. The Cardholder is responsible for all transactions done using the Card. If the Cardholder notices any error or misuse relating to the Card, the Cardholder should notify the same to our contact center E-Assist by calling 1860 210 9999 or write to E-Assist at assist-IN@edenred.com. If the Cardholder has any dispute / grievance / problem in relation to a purchase made with the Card and/or any dispute / grievance / problem in relation to any transaction done at an AE, the Cardholder must deal directly with the AE involved and YES BANK and/or EIPL shall not be responsible/liable in any manner whatsoever. 
xii. YES BANK / EIPL reserve the absolute right, discretion and liberty to decline or honor the authorization requests on the Card, without assigning any reason thereof.
xiii. The Cardholder agrees and undertakes that the Cardholder shall not use the Card in breach of any applicable laws and/or for payment of any illegal/unlawful purchase/purposes and/or for any transaction which is in breach of applicable laws.
xiv. YES BANK / EIPL may, at its sole discretion, utilize the services of external service provider/s or agent/s and on such terms as required or necessary, in relation to its products/services to facilitate the process of use of the Cards and/or the overall transactions in relation to the Cards.
xv. The Card cannot be used at any ATM's for cash withdrawals or for any other activity at an ATM and YES BANK / EIPL shall not be held liable for any such transactions under any circumstances whatsoever. In case the Cardholder still uses the Card at an ATM, the applicable charges will be debited from the Card.
xvi. The Card shall be debited immediately with an activation fee as soon the Card is activated.
xvii. YES BANK and/or EIPL do not take any responsibility for any loss, damage or injuries suffered or caused to the Cardholder in connection with the service, quality of food / non-alcoholic beverages served by the AE, refusal to accept the Card by AE and/or inability to use the Card at AE’s outlet. If the Cardholder makes YES BANK / EIPL party to the dispute for any of the events as specified above, the Corporate shall indemnify YES BANK and/or EIPL against any loss, damage or injuries, liabilities, actions, suits, proceedings, claims or demands made against YES BANK and/or EIPL by the Cardholder.
xviii. The Cardholder accepts and acknowledges that an AE may levy certain service charge / surcharge for transactions carried out by using the Card. YES BANK and/or EIPL accept no responsibility for any surcharge levied by any AE and debited to the Card in addition to the transaction amount.
xix. Any charge or other payment requisition received from an AE by YES BANK/ EIPL for payment, shall be conclusive proof that the charge recorded on such requisition was properly incurred at the AE for the amount mentioned therein and by the Cardholder using the Card referred to in that charge or other requisition, except for instances, where the Card has been lost and/or stolen and the prior intimation has been furnished to YES BANK / EIPL in the manner stated herein, (the burden of proof for which shall be on the Cardholder).
xx. The Card will be debited immediately with the amount of any purchase and other transactions effected by the use of the Card. Sometimes the transaction amount and / or tips, surcharge or exceptional transaction amount would be debited from your Card subsequently / at a later date. The Cardholder shall ensure that the Cardholder has sufficient balance on the Card to meet any such transactions.
xxi. The Cardholder needs to use the registration code mentioned in the welcome letter, from the Welcome kit to register the Card online by logging through our website www.edenred.co.in. Only after registration on the ‘Self Care portal’, the Cardholder will be able to perform e-commerce transactions.
xxii. The mobile number provided by the Cardholder during registration would be used for sending SMS alerts/OTP.
xxiii. The Cardholder shall not be issued more than one Card by the same Corporate. 
xxiv. The Card shall be used only by the Cardholder to whom the Card is issued.
xxv. Any request for Card replacement or registration code re-issuance by the Cardholder will be processed by YES BANK / EIPL and the card/ registration code will be sent to the Corporate’s address only. Charges as mentioned in the ‘Schedule of Charges’ hereunder shall be levied. In case of insufficient funds in the Card, YES BANK and/or EIPL shall not be liable to entertain such requests for Card replacement or registration code re-issuance.
xxvi. If the Corporate or the Cardholder loses, misplaces or damages any Card, the Corporate or the Cardholder may however request for replacement of the Card/s at a fee, as mentioned in the Schedule of Charges hereunder.
xxvii. Any fees charged by YES BANK /  EIPL in respect of the Card, including but not limited to service charges, handling and other fees, are non-refundable. Such charges will be as notified by YES BANK / EIPL, from time to time. 
xxviii. The Cardholder shall be liable to pay a fee, as mentioned in the Schedule of Charges hereunder in the event of no transactions performed/ done on the Card for a period of 3 consecutive months.
xxix. YES BANK / EIPL reserve the right to vary any of the terms and conditions including charges as prescribed in the Schedule of Charges hereunder.
xxx. The Cardholder is responsible for checking the transaction details and knowing the available balance on the Card. Cardholder can check the balance online by visiting our website www.edenred.co.in or by calling our contact center E-Assist on 1860 210 9999.
xxxi. For any information/ queries about the Card, please connect with our Contact Center E-Assist by calling on *1860 210 9999 or write to us at assist-IN@edenred.com, from 9am-8pm Monday to Saturday. * All India local number. Accessible from MTNL / BSNL numbers and select GSM / CDMA numbers.
xxxii. Upon Inquiry, information over your Card usage will be disclosed to the tax or any other regulatory authorities.
xxxiii. The Card with no financial transaction for a consecutive period of one year shall be made inactive after sending a notice to the Cardholder / Corporate. The said Card can be reactivated only after validation and due diligence conducted by EIPL/YES BANK.
In the event of any breach of these Detailed Terms and Conditions by the Cardholder, notwithstanding any other provision of these Detailed Terms and Conditions, the Cardholder shall remain liable to pay YES BANK and/or EIPL, upon demand, for any loss/claim arising out of, directly or indirectly, from such a breach.
It is clarified that any such above action/s that may be taken, would be without prejudice to any other legal or equitable rights/remedies available to YES BANK and/or EIPL.
i. The Corporate may at any point of time, by giving 90 days prior notice in writing to YES BANK / EIPL request for termination of provision of Card facility.
ii. Such notice issued by the Corporate shall mean that the Card shall no longer be valid and that the Cardholder has cut the Card in four (4) pieces and defaced the same by cutting off the top right hand corner ensuring that both the hologram and magnetic stripe have been cut. Notwithstanding the termination of the Card facility as aforesaid, the Cardholder shall continue to remain liable for all the charges incurred before and subsequent to the termination of the Card.
iii. In the event charges are incurred on the Card, after the Cardholder claims to have destroyed the Card, the Cardholder shall be entirely liable for charges incurred on the Card, whether or not the same are as a result of misuse of the Card.
iv. YES BANK /  EIPL, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to, either temporarily or permanently, withdraw the privileges on the Card and/or cancel the Card at any time without giving any notice or assigning any reason thereof. In case of a temporary withdrawal, the privileges may be reinstated by YES BANK / EIPL at its sole discretion. In case of a permanent withdrawal, YES BANK / EIPL have a right to refuse membership to the Cardholder permanently. However, it is made distinctly clear that withdrawal (temporary or permanent) shall constitute automatic withdrawal of all attendant benefits, privileges and services attached to the Card. 
v. In the event of such temporary or permanent withdrawal, the Cardholder shall continue to be fully liable for all charges incurred on the Card prior to such withdrawal, together with all other applicable charges thereon, unless otherwise specified by YES BANK / EIPL. The Cardholder agrees to surrender the Card to the Corporate, or its representative, upon being requested to do so. Use of the Card after the notice of withdrawal of its privileges is fraudulent and subjects the Cardholder to legal proceedings.
vi. The Card shall remain the property of YES BANK and EIPL. If the Card Holder decides to cancel the Card, he/she/ it shall give a written notice of at least 15 days and surrender Card to YES BANK /EIPL. The Card Holder shall also pay dues, if any, payable to YES BANK /EIPL in connection with the Card. Similarly, if YES BANK /EIPL decide to cancel/withdraw the Card, YES BANK /EIPL shall, unless prevented by circumstances beyond their control, give a prior written notice of 7 days to the Cardholder or the Corporate. In case of death of the Cardholder, a new replacement Card, on the same terms and conditions or such other terms and conditions as YES BANK /EIPL may deem fit shall be issued in the name of the legal heir of the Cardholder subject to a request for such issue is made by the legal heir and producing the required document proving himself/ herself to be the legal heir and any other document as required by YES BANK /EIPL in this regards. The replacement the Card will be issued subject to the tenure of the Card being still live and money being available on the Card.
i. If a Card is lost or stolen, the Cardholder must immediately report such loss/theft to EIPL’s 24 Hour Contact Center, E-Assist by calling on 1860 210 9999. YES BANK /EIPL will, upon adequate verification, suspend the Card and terminate all facilities in relation thereto. YES BANK / EIPL may also request appropriate documents / declarations from the Cardholder in that behalf.
ii. The Cardholder accepts and acknowledges that once a Card is reported lost, damaged or stolen, the Card cannot be used again, even if found subsequently. In such cases, the Cardholder shall promptly cut the Card in 4 pieces. 
iii. The Cardholder is responsible for the security of the Card and shall take all steps towards ensuring that the Card is not misused. In the event that YES BANK/ EIPL determines that the Cardholder has failed to take the steps as mentioned above in case of loss / theft / destruction of the Card and the same are questionable, financial liability on the lost, stolen or damaged card would rest with the Cardholder and could even result in cancellation of the Card.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, YES BANK/ EIPL shall be under no liability, whatsoever, to the Cardholder and/or the Corporate, in respect of any loss or damage arising, directly or indirectly, out of:
i. Any defect in any goods sold by AE or deficiency in services rendered by the AE.
ii. The refusal of any AE to honor or accept the Card.
iii. The malfunction of any computer terminal or due to reasons like power supply getting discontinued/lost, communication/mechanical problem/machine problem/system problems; sometimes POS will not be able to complete the desired transaction.
iv. The giving of transaction instruction by any person other than the Cardholder.
v. YES BANK/ EIPL exercising its right to demand and procure the surrender of the Card prior to the expiry date exposed on its face.
vi. The exercise by YES BANK/ EIPL of its right to terminate usage of any Card.
vii. Any injury to the credit character and reputation of the Cardholder, alleged to have been caused by the possession of the Card and/or, any request for its return or the refusal of any AE to honor or accept the Card.
viii. Any mis-statement, mis-representation, error or omission in any details disclosed to YES BANK/ EIPL;
ix. anything done or omitted to be done in any manner whatsoever.
x. Any discrepancy between the amount/s loaded to a Card upon receipt of instructions in this regard from the Corporate and the amounts agreed upon between the Cardholder and the Corporate.
xi. Any change in applicable laws and/or regulations.

i. Any charge slip, or other payment requisition, received by YES BANK/ EIPL for payment shall be conclusive proof that the charge recorded on such a charge slip or other requisition, was properly incurred by the Cardholder, unless the Card is lost, stolen or fraudulently misused, the burden of proof for which, shall be on the Cardholder.
ii. Signature of the Cardholder on such charge slips together with the Card number noted thereon shall be conclusive evidence of the liability incurred by the Cardholder.
iii. YES BANK/ EIPL shall not be required to ensure that the Cardholder has duly received the purchased goods or services.
iv. Any charge levied by the AE on the purchase made by the Cardholder using the Card, shall be settled by the Cardholder with the AE directly and YES BANK/ EIPL shall not be responsible for the same.
Upon usage of the Card at an AE, it shall be the Cardholder’s responsibility to sign and collect the customer copy of the charge slip/s upon making payment using the Card. YES BANK/ EIPL shall not provide copies of the charge slips to the Cardholder, provided however that if the Cardholder makes such request within Ninety (90) days of the relevant transaction, YES BANK/ EIPL may, at its sole discretion, provide copies of the charge slips at a charge.
v. Grievance Redressal
The Cardholder understands that YES BANK will assure of the best service at all times. The Cardholder understands that "Customer Day" is observed at all the offices of YES BANK across the organization covering branches, regional offices and head office, on a specified day of the month as intimated by YES BANK from time to time. If the Cardholder would like to share any grievances or offer suggestions for improvement in customer services, the Cardholder on the specified day, can join us at the nearest YES BANK branch, anytime between 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm or any other time as intimated by YES BANK, and engage with the branch manager for any of his query or complaint.
If the Cardholder would like to share any suggestion, opinion, feedback, scope of improvement or any complaint on any of YES BANK services/facilities, then the Cardholder may either register the complaint in the online complaint form or approach/write to the business team on a designated email ID dlcardsmanagement@yesbank.in explaining the details concerned for immediate redressal.
The Cardholder understands that on receipt of written complaint by YES BANK, YES BANK shall endeavor to send an acknowledgement/ a response within a reasonable period of time. If the complaint is relayed over phone at YES BANK’s designated telephone helpdesk or customer service number, YES BANK shall provide the Cardholder with a complaint reference number and keep the Cardholder informed of the progress within a reasonable period of time.
After examining the matter, YES BANK will send the Cardholder with a final response or explain the Cardholder why YES BANK needs more time to respond and YES BANK shall further endeavor to do so within a reasonable period of time of receipt of the complaint and guide the Cardholder how to take the complaint further if the Cardholder is still not satisfied.
If the Cardholder does not get adequate and sufficient response in reasonable time frame, the Cardholder has recourse to Banking Ombudsman Scheme for grievance redressal. Customer can find latest list of ombudsman details on website of YES BANK and RBI.
i. YES BANK/ EIPL shall not, in anyway, be responsible for the goods purchased/services availed by the Cardholder from AE, including on account of delay in delivery, non-delivery, non-receipt of goods or services or receipt of defective goods or services by the Cardholder. 
ii. It must be distinctly understood that the Card is purely a facility to the Cardholder to purchase goods or services. YES BANK/ EIPL holds out no warranty or makes no representation about quality, quantity, delivery or otherwise of the goods or services and the same are procured by the Cardholder solely at his/her discretion without any influence, requirement or coercion on the part of YES BANK / EIPL to purchase any particular goods and/or avail any particular services and/or visit any particular AE’s. 
i. The Cardholder acknowledges that the information on usage of the Card could be exchanged amongst financial entities that provide similar facilities, only in case of any financial misuse/fraud/legal cases where RBI, any regulatory authority, Government of India or Court directs EIPL/YES BANK to disclose such information.
ii. YES BANK/ EIPL shall not be obliged to disclose to the Cardholder the name of the financial entity to which it disclosed the information, unless RBI, any regulatory authority, Government of India or Court expressly permits EIPL to disclose the name of the said financial entity.
iii. Certain information concerning the Cardholder may be shared with third parties, e.g. address details for dispatching an order.
iv. Details are further shared if legally required to do so to the appropriate authorities. 
v. The Cardholder irrevocably authorizes Yes Bank/EIPL to disclose, as and when YES BANK/EIPL is required to do so in order to comply with the applicable laws or when YES BANK/EIPL regards such disclosure as necessary or expedient with respect to the Cards to :
a) the head office, affiliates, or any other branches or subsidiaries of YES BANK/EIPL
b) their auditors, professional advisers and any other person(s) under a duty of confidentiality to YES BANK/EIPL;
c) Any regulatory, administrative, statutory, judicial, quasi-judicial authority and/or local body as and when directed/required; vendors, installers, maintainers or servicers of YES BANK’s/EIPL’s computer systems;
d) any exchange, market, or other authority or regulatory body having jurisdiction over YES BANK/EIPL, its head office or any other branch of YES BANK/EIPL or over any transactions effected by the Cardholder;
e) any party entitled to make such demand or request;
f) any person with whom YES BANK/EIPL contracts or proposes to contract with   regard to the sale or transfer or sharing of any of its rights, obligations or risks under the Terms;
g) any person (including any agent, contractor or third party service provider) with whom YES BANK/EIPL contracts or proposes to contract with regard to the provision of services/facilities in respect of the Card;
h) any person employed with, or engaged as an agent by, YES BANK/EIPL or its head office or affiliates, including any relationship officers for the purposes of or in connection with interactions with the Cardholder or providing services/facilities to the Cardholder or processing transactions pertaining to the Card; and 
i) to enable YES BANK/EIPL to centralise or outsource its data processing and other administrative operations to YES BANK’s/EIPL’s head office, its affiliates or third parties engaged by YES BANK/EIPL for any such services/operations.
i. The Cardholder agrees to adhere to and comply with such other terms & conditions as YES BANK/ EIPL may prescribe, from time to time, for facilities/services availed of by the Cardholder  and, hereby agrees and confirms that all such transactions effected by or through facilities for conducting remote transactions including the WorldWide Web, electronic data interchange or by means of electronic, computer, automated machines, network or through other means of telecommunication, established by or on behalf of YES BANK/ EIPL or its AE’s, for and in respect of such facilities/services offered, shall constitute legally binding and valid transactions when done in adherence to and in compliance with the terms & conditions prescribed by YES BANK/ EIPL or its AE’s.
ii. The Cardholders shall, prior to availing the Card services from YES BANK/ EIPL, obtain appropriate advice and shall familiarize themselves with the associated risks and all the terms and conditions pertaining to the service.
iii. The Cardholder shall further verify all facts and statutory provisions and seek appropriate professional advice including the relevant tax implications.
The Cardholder grants and confirms the existence of the right of lien and set-off with YES BANK/EIPL, which YES BANK/EIPL may at any time without prejudice to any of its specific rights under any other agreements with the Cardholder, at its sole discretion and without notice to the Cardholder utilize to appropriate any moneys/ shares/ securities/ assets/ properties belonging to the Cardholder and lying/ deposited with YES BANK/EIPL or due by YES BANK/EIPL to the Cardholder, towards any of the dues and outstanding’s payable by the Cardholder to YES BANK/EIPL including any charges/fees/dues payable under these Terms.

Cardholder agrees and confirms that YES BANK/EIPL shall not be liable if any transaction does not fructify or may not be completed or for any failure on part of YES BANK/EIPL to perform any of its obligations under these Terms if performance is prevented, hindered or delayed by a Force Majeure event (defined below) and in such case its obligations shall be suspended for so long as the Force Majeure event continues.
"Force Majeure Event" means any event due to any cause beyond the reasonable control of the YES BANK/EIPL, including without limitations, unavailability of any communication systems, breach, or virus in the processes or payment or delivery mechanism, sabotage, fire, flood, explosion, acts of god, civil commotion, strikes or industrial action of any kind, riots, insurrection, war, acts of government, computer hacking, unauthorized access to computer data and storage devices, computer crashes, malfunctioning in the computer terminal or the systems getting affected by any malicious, destructive or corrupting code or program, mechanical or technical errors/failures or power shut down, faults or failures in telecommunication and/or regulatory, statutory restrictions etc.

i. Any dispute or claim regarding the goods or services must be resolved by the Cardholder with the AE. The existence of the claim or dispute shall not relieve the Cardholder of their obligation to pay all the charges and the Cardholder agrees to pay promptly such charges.
ii. These Terms shall be governed by the laws of India. In case of any dispute between the parties on the interpretation or implementation of these Terms, the appropriate court in the city of Thane, Maharashtra shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
iii. YES BANK/EIPL may, however, in its absolute discretion, commence any legal action or proceedings arising out of the Terms in any other court, tribunal or other appropriate forum, and the Cardholder hereby consents to that jurisdiction. 
iv. Any provision of the Terms that is prohibited or unenforceable in any jurisdiction shall, as to such jurisdiction, be ineffective to the extent of prohibition or unenforceability but shall not invalidate the remaining provisions of the Terms or affect such provision in any other jurisdiction.
i. YES BANK/ EIPL reserves the right to change, at any time, these Terms, features and benefits offered on the Card including, without limitation to, changes which affect existing balances, charges and methods of calculation. YES BANK / EIPL reserve the right to alter or modify these Terms at any given time without giving prior notice to the Cardholder/Corporate.
ii. The Cardholder shall be liable for all charges incurred and all other obligations under these revised Terms. YES BANK/ EIPL may communicate the amended Terms by hosting the same on its website, www.edenred.co.in or in any other manner as decided by YES BANK/ EIPL.
iii. The Cardholder shall be responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms and Conditions including amendments thereto and shall be deemed to have accepted the amended Terms and Conditions by continuing to use the Card.
i. YES BANK/ EIPL are committed to protecting your privacy. Only authorized employees of YES BANK/EIPL and our service partners shall have access to details.
ii. Our systems and data are continuously updated to ensure the best possible service to our customers.
If any provision of these Terms (or any portion thereof) is determined to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of these Terms shall not be affected by such determination, shall be binding upon the parties and shall be fully enforceable. 
No failure on the part of YES Bank / EIPL hereto to exercise, and no delay on their part in exercising, any right or remedy under these Terms will operate as a waiver thereof nor will any single or partial exercise of any right or remedy preclude any other or further exercise thereof or the exercise of any other right or remedy, and the same shall not affect in any manner the effectiveness of any of the provisions of these Terms.
This Schedule of Charges is indicative in nature. The Charges may be revised from time to time at the sole discretion of YES BANK / EIPL.

Fees Amount
Card Replacement Rs. 100 per Card
Card Non-Transacting Fees Rs. 15 per month charged quarterly
Card Activation Fee Rs. 10 per Card
Registration Code Reissuance fee Rs. 50 per request
Charge slip Retrieval Request Rs. 200 per request

· The above charges are exclusive of all taxes. All taxes as applicable will be levied in addition to the charges mentioned above.
· Card Non-Transacting fees – This fee will be levied if there is no customer induced Debit or Credit transactions for 90 consecutive days.
· YES BANK’s/ EIPL’s record of the amount of any charge shall, in the absence of manifest error, be final and binding on the Cardholder, and shall be conclusive in any case where YES BANK/ EIPL has effected any payment which constitutes a charge.
· All fees/taxes/surcharges/service charges if any and all other levies related to the Card shall be borne and paid by the Cardholder and would be debited from the Card, as may be levied from time to time by the Government or other authority in respect of or in connection with the Card, will be borne by the Cardholder and shall be recovered by YES BANK/ EIPL from the Cardholder.
· The Cardholder shall become liable to pay as soon as a charge has been incurred by use of the Card. These charges are subject to change at the sole discretion of YES BANK/ EIPL.