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Edenred - Experts In Managing Public Benefits

Edenred operates turnkey solutions based on cashless payment systems, including service vouchers, cards, and other electronic supports. Our programs grant conditional purchasing power to beneficiaries, ensuring proper use of allocated funds, prevents leakages and fosters social responsibility in areas such as: Education Food and clothing | Health and nutrition | Transportation  | Training and employment | Access to culture and sports  |  Dependent care.

International Case Studies


School Voucher: Italy

Region Lombardie in Italy introduced school vouchers in lieu of the cash transfers being done towards the education of economically weak section students in the region. Vouchers were introduced successfully as the new service delivery management method to empower students to avail primary level, secondary level and vocational education. These vouchers are valid at public schools, private schools and vocational institutions. In addition to education allowance, these vouchers also have a fixed entitlement of food, books & transportation components. Edenred partners Region Lombardie in managing the voucher program including affiliation, issuance, settlement & reporting.
Beneficiaries: 2, 20,000 students  
Outlay: 2.2 million Euros


Ticket Junaeb: Chile

Ticket Junaeb was specifically designed to answer the needs of disadvantaged children in Chile. This product has entitlements to cover the basic needs of students including education, food, transportation, health care and leisure.


Beneficiaries: 1,10,000 students
Allocated Amount: $400 per student per year


Food And Clothing

Food Coupons: Mexico

The Food Coupons program in Mexico is a social program implemented to provide the needy with access to food by increasing their purchasing power with dedicated allowances. The program targets old people who are more than 72 years and do not benefit from retirement allowances, women who are 16 years or more and are sole parents with children less than 14 years of age and unemployed disabled people who are 18 years of age or more.
Beneficiaries: 10,00,000
Allocated Amount: $400 per beneficiary  


Health And Nutrition

Ticket Farmacia: Chile

Convinced by the efficiency of Edenred solution for the administration of Food subsidies, JUNAEB renewed its trust. JUNAEB employs doctors who heal children and so far had to handle medicine stock. They wanted to avoid stock management. Since July 2010 Ticket Farmacia Card is used to administer subsidies provided to children for buying medicine. Some municipalities also started to use Ticket Farmacia since it is part of Convenio Marco (governmental referenced catalogue).