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Work-life Benefits

Ticket Restaurant® Meal card - Experience Fun, Food and Freedom

Ticket Restaurant Meal cardTicket Restaurant® Meal card is the best innovative digital employer-employee work-life benefit, a convenient solution that makes life easy for corporate customers and their employees. It offers a host of benefits including tax benefits to employees. The online interface helps users check card account details, view card balance, transaction details, block card (if lost or stolen), etc. View the T&C, FAQs and Registration process.

Ticket Compliments® Gift Card - Unmatched Freedom of Choice

Ticket Compliments Max Gift CardTicket Compliments® Max Gift Card enables you to enjoy unmatched freedom of choice. It can be swiped at thousands of outlets, which accept MasterCard. It is an gift card that makes for the most power packed gifting solution. The online interface also helps users check card account details, view card balance, transaction details, block card (if lost or stolen), etc. View the T&C, FAQs and Registration process.

Ticket Restaurant® Plus Cafeteria Card - Efficient campus card solution for corporates

Ticket Restaurant® Plus is a modern and extremely practical alternate solution to the administrative task of vouchers or have difficulties managing it. It presents a professional answer to the challenges of our era: quick purchasing, simple handling, and transparent financial transactions. All this, with the benefits associated with Meal vouchers intact

Ticket Restaurant® Meal Voucher - Most Valuable and tangible work-life benefit tool

Meal VoucherTicket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers are great to motivate and create loyalty among employees who value the fact that the employer cares about their welfare, contributing to a better employer-employee relationship. This social benefit, implemented specifically to protect the welfare of the worker and his family in the form of tax savings.

Ticket Compliments® Gift Voucher - Power Packed Gifting Solution

Gift VoucherTicket Compliments® Gift Vouchers, an ideal gifting solution help you save valuable time, effort and money, while choosing corporate gifts for your organization. Be it gifting employees on festive occasions, or rewarding them on reaching specific milestones; or even rewarding them for their excellent performance, these Gift Vouchers let you do that effortlessly.