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Ticket Restaurants® Plus Cafeteria Card

Ticket Restaurant® Plus Meal Card is an efficient campus card solution provided to our corporate customers for efficient cafeteria management in a closed cafeteria environment. It enhances the relationship between an employee and employer and brings in social benefit to employees by providing healthy meals. For the employee it is a tax benefit perquisite as a part of their compensation structure. This platform has a robust transaction handling capacity. It is a secure, hassle free & has flexibility in usage.


Benefit for Employer

  • Elimination of administrative costs for managing food costs
  • Enhances employee-employer relationship
  • Acts as a social benefit for employees
  • Value added corporate deals and discounts for the organisation

Benefit for Employees

  • A social benefit for the employees
  • The largest network of 15,000+ affiliates offering you unmatched freedom of choice everyday
  • Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers are a tax exempted perquisite at the hands of the employees
  • Also accepted at your company’s canteen, cafeterias and food courts

Conditions of Acceptance

This card is not transferable. The use of this card is limited to cafeteria(s) of your organization and as agreed by Edenred (India) Private Ltd (EIPL) for ready to eat items, food or non-alcoholic beverages only.

The use of this card is subjected to terms and conditions agreed between EIPL and your organization. By using the card for the first time you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions can also be found on www.ticketdistribute.com No change / cash in lieu of the amount loaded on the card can be given.

EIPL is not responsible with regards to the quality of food and beverages served or delivered to you. This card is valid until the validity of the agreement between the EIPL and your organization, as renewed from time to time or until the date of termination of your services with your organization, whichever is earlier. Loss or theft of this card should be reported immediately to EIPL. This card is the property of EIPL to whom it must be returned upon request or if found.

Log on to www.ticketdistribute.com to view your card transactions