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Conditions of Acceptance

USERS :  This voucher is non-transferable. This voucher can be used only for food and non-alcoholic beverages at eating joints affiliated to Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers and is valid until the validity date mentioned on the face of the voucher. No change / cash in lieu of this voucher can be given. Vouchers will not be accepted or redeemed after the expiry date mentioned herein.
AFFILIATES : This voucher can be taken only as a payment for food and non-alcoholic beverages. No change/cash in lieu of this voucher can be given. This voucher will be reimbursed to affiliates in accordance with EIPL’s terms and conditions. Vouchers will not be reimbursed after one month post the expiry date mentioned on the face of the voucher.
On receipt, clearly mark each voucher with the cancel stamp along with your affiliate code. Please cut the counterfoil on each voucher before submitting the vouchers for reimbursement and retain it for your records.
This meal voucher remains the property of EIPL and is not transferable. If this voucher is lost / stolen or damaged, EIPL will not be liable for replacement of the same or to any compensation. EIPL is not responsible with regard to the quality of food and beverages served or delivered to the user.
Please refer to our website www.edenred.co.in to get the list of our affiliated outlets & for important terms and conditions in Hindi and other local languages.