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What is Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card & its benefits in the form of tax exemption?

Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card is a prepaid instrument issued on the MasterCard platform and is loaded with a value in INR. It is issued by your organization for purchasing food and non - alcoholic beverages at Ticket Restaurant® Meal Cards affiliated outlets It is an employee benefit that offers a tax exemption to employees.

Are there any Value Added Services along with the Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card?

Yes. We provide a bouquet of Value Added Services to you such as Ticket Club®: a dedicated portal to avail city specific deals and offers from various brands, online redemptions, Mobile App, Contact Centre, Employee Engagement Programs, Contests and promotions, etc.

Can the Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card be exchanged against Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers and for what amount?

In general, the Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card cannot be converted into Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers. Ideally your employer should select the solution that is best suited for it and its employees.

Where all would the Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card meal card be accepted?

The Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card will be accepted only at outlets which are affiliated with Edenred for Acceptance of the Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card for food and non alcoholic beverages only.

Is there any limit on the usage or load of the Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card? If yes, what is the limit?

There is no limit on the usage of the card. This can be used for any amount. As far as the load limit goes, you will get a load which is equivalent to entitlement for the month on a monthly basis, or as per the policy of your organization.

If I have any complaints or queries about the card or incase to report loss or theft, whom should I get in touch with?

Kindly contact our in house contact centre E-assist @ 1860 210 9999 / 022- 6263 5500 / 022-6143 3333 or you can also mail us at assist-IN@edenred.com

Since the Ticket Restaurant® Meal card has a YES Bank logo on it, can I use this card for cash withdrawals at YES Bank/Any other ATMs?

No cash withdrawal is allowed on Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card.

How can I access the online portal to find out my Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card's balance, transaction history, etc.?

You can register on the Online Self Care Portal by visiting www.edenred.co.in using your login credentials. Post registration, you can access all card related information like balance, transaction details etc.

What if my Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card has expired? What should I do?

Please contact your HR department and ask them to get it renewed.

How can I transact in case of insufficient balance on the Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card? Can I part pay by this and part pay by another card/cash?

You can only make payment for the amount which is available on the card. In case transaction amount exceeds the available balance on the card, remaining amount can be paid by any other mode as per the merchant policy.

Can I transfer the unused funds or carry forward at the time of expiry of the card to a new card?

Yes. The available balance at the expiry of the card will be transferred to the new renewed card. The request need to come only from your corporate

Can I reload this card using any mode of payment?

This card can be loaded/reloaded only by your employer. Any individual cardholder cannot reload this card.

Will I receive transaction alerts for my meal card?

If you have registered on Online Self Care Portal - www.edenred.co.in and provided your Mobile Number, then you will get the transaction alerts.

Where will this card be accepted? Will Edenred provide a directory of the affiliates where the card will be accepted?

You can search for your nearest affilates on our website by logging on to- http://edenred.co.in/Affiliates/Affiliate-Search.aspx.

What is the maximum limit I can accumulate in my Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card?

As per RBI guidelines, the maximum balance on the card at any given point of time will not exceed INR 10,000. In case you wish to increase the limit to 1,00,000, then the required Full eKYC needs to be completed. For more details, kindly contact our in house contact centre E-assist @ 1860 210 9999 / 022- 6263 5500 / 022-6143 3333 or you can also mail us at assist-IN@edenred.com

What if I leave the organization? Will I still be able to use Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card?

It will depend on the company policy. If your organization asks you to return the card, the same will be deactivated by Edenred on receiving such information from the corporate. However, if your employer allows the departing employee to take the card along with him/her, in that case the departed employee can continue to use the card until expiry/balance runs out.

Can I get the Ticket Restaurant® Meal Card at my personal address in case I wish to replacement/reissuance of cards?

No. Replacement/Reissued card will always be delivered to the Corporate address.